Venue highlights



Opener for Carolyn Wonderland at Maxwell's Tavern

Opener for Bobby Long at Maxwell's Tavern

CAPE MAY CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL 2015, 2016, 2017, ***2018***

160+ CD Release Party, Church of the Holy Innocence ("Learn More" Above)

Triumph Brewery New Hope, Princeton

Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ

The Bitter End, Arlenes Grocery, Bowery Electric, Fontana's NYC


EP"...The final result is James Calleo, available now from iTunesAmazon, and streaming on Spotify. On Saturday, a few hundred folks gathered at the old church for a launch party that included Calleo’s performance of the entire record, and it was one seriously cool evening..." - Hoboken Life magazine

James calleo press

"James Calleo is a gifted songwriter who covers universal topics of being, understanding and love." -The Latest Noise, Blog

"Calleo’s music, inspired by his travels around the country and the world, is deceptively mellow; most songs start of with easygoing guitar strumming and then slowly build into something multi-layered and surprising. They sway and swagger confidently, and at the release party you could almost see people unconsciously start to respond—swaying in place at first, then forgetting where they were and giving in, finding themselves in the midst of a dancefloor." - Hoboken Life Magazine

"James Calleo, a local singer/songwriter, opened up for Long. From the first song to his last Calleo  had the crowd enamored and wanting more." -Stitched Sound

Calleo ended the set with a gorgeous cover of James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain,” and the whole place joined in as the band indulged in some energetic jamming, ending the evening on a sweaty, exuberant note.
— Jeff Somers, Hoboken Life Magazine