James Calleo

"His latest single, “Thunderstorm,” which weaves evocative lyrics into well-crafted melodies to produce a tight and moving track." -Chris Halleron, HMag


The name James Calleo seems to be echoing all over the scene here in Hoboken and Jersey City these days—and for good reason.

The singer/songwriter performs all over the place, in handfuls each month, as well as curates and hosts live music and yoga classes. He has also put a lot of work into his latest single, “Thunderstorm,” which weaves evocative lyrics into well-crafted melodies to produce a tight and moving track.

A couple keys to successful show is being able to read the crowd. Not necessarily giving in to the crowd but having the ability to understand the vibe presented, in order to play with or against the tide. Alternating between what the people want, and what the people need.

This adaptiveness is one of James Calleo’s finest attributes as a songwriter, band leader and entertainer.

For the past three years James has been able to live on the success of entertaining crowds with his music. From small singer/songwriter sets of heart felt originals, to captivating and then pummeling a crowd with the hits, James has been honing in on that very ability to keep a group singing, dancing and asking for more.

His first release came in 2016 with the help of Grammy Award Winning Producer Ben Wisch at the helm.

Recently, he has been adding more and more pieces to the puzzle without over complicating his music. One, two and three part horn sections have been joining James on the road with the JCB, a full band outfit, comprised of the finest musicians in the Hudson County area.

The shape shifting that takes place isn’t meant to throw you for a loop, rather, it shows the well rounded and unending development of one mans songwriting and passion for making music.

Which ever outfit you get, whether solo, a stripped down trio or with a seven piece high energy band, you’ll end up getting to know James as a human, just having fun with it all. Sometimes it seems as if he has invited you into his home to share some drinks, conversation and music.

James is working on songs for an upcoming EP that is sure to be full of heart, enthusiasm and an emotional direct performance of maturity and songwriting capability.